National Service Scheme is a movement which aims at the physical, mental and spiritual development of the young students. It cultivates a sense of duty, co-operation and self help in the students. The NSS helps in moulding the youth of tomorrow in such a way that they become active participants in nation building efforts at different levels. The NSS in the college is playing an active role in developing the personality of students through community service. As envisaged in the motto of NSS ”NOT ME BUT YOU”, it serves as a platform for proper and positive socialiSation of the student youth. By joining together and undertaking minor tasks, the student youth in our country find the NSS an avenue of self expression and group activity. The youth under the strict and sincere guidance of the Programme Officers observe and study many practical lessons from outside the class room. The NSS Volunteer gets satisfaction and self esteem from the little things he performs in the campus and the community.
There are five units of the NSS in the college. It has a very bright track record. The college got many awards and recognitions because of the achievements of the National Service Scheme. The NSS units of the college had the rare merit of bagging the National Award to the Best Volunteer, State Award to the Best Programme Officers, award for the promotion of voluntary blood donation from the Red Cross, Thermo Penpol, Aids Control Society and the Government of Kerala. The Programme Officers and the Volunteers have attended many national integration camps, state camps and youth camps at the University and State level. During the report year the units are managed by the Programme Officer,Nishad Mathew. The major programmes of the reporting year include Annual Ten Day camp, Nature Camp, Blood Grouping and Blood Donation, Plastic and Waste Removal Programme, Legal Literacy Programme, Cleaning Programme, Awareness Creating Programme etc. The NSS units observed the International Blood Donor’s Day,  National Blood Donation Day, World Aids Day etc. with many innovative programmes. 



Every Year the students elect a College Union Chairman, Vice-chairman, Two University Union Councilors, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary, Magazine Editor, Lady Representatives, Class Representatives and Secretaries to the various Associations. All the co-curricular activities of the College are organized and conducted by the College Union under the guidance of the staff advisor to the College Union. The election and activities of the College Union will be as per the Government and University rules. 


Study tours are conducted every year. These outings help the students to see different parts of the country, to enjoy companionship, to experience travel and to learn more in their respective  areas of study. It can be conducted by every department after obtaining   permission from the Principal. Students are not permitted to organise or conduct Excursions or Picnics without knowledge and consent of the Principal and Department Heads. The following instructions should be observed by students with regards to study tours.
  1. Teachers who are deputed by  the Principal / HoD’s should  accompany  the students. 
  2. A lady teacher is a must if girl students included in the tour party. 
  3. A detailed programme of Travel, stay, places of visit, names of participants etc. should be submitted to the principal before proceeding on a tour.
  4. Written consent in the prescribed form should be obtained from the parents of all students going on tour. 
  5. Only final year students will be permitted to go on tours. 
  6. Any act of indiscipline while on tour shall be considered as an act of indiscipline committed in the campus. It will invite punitive action.


The college has an athletic association in order to promote physical educational activities of the college. All students of the college are the members of the association. The executive committee shall consists of:
  • President (Principal)
  • A Staff Representative
  • Secretary (Senior Physical Education Director)
  • Joint Secretary (Jr. Physical Education Director)
  • Sports Secretary (Nominated by the college Union)
Activities: Athletics, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volley Ball, Badminton, Tennis, Khokho, Kabadietc.


All students of I year Degree and III year Degree of the college will have to undergo medical examinations during the first term of the academic year. Those who are found medically defective and are called upon to undergo treatment should do so. Those who are suffering from contagious diseases will not be allowed to attend classes until they are completely cured and certificates to that effect is obtained from a recognized Medical Officer.


  • Commerce
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Multimedia/Journalism